(UNITY) Witch Trial [Final] [Metamorphose] (ENG)

Time is the Middle Ages. You become a notorious inquisitor and hunt down the witch. First of all, witch hunting. Let’s take a suspicious woman down and catch it. Once you’ve caught it, it’s time to start from here, confine the witch and train as much as you like.

You Can freely organize your deck and use the cards to confront and train the witch.
There are three modes in this game: “Witch Hunt”, “Witch Trial”, and “Hell Witch”. In “witch hunting”, the inquisitor and the witch confront each other, and the battle with the witch begins. “Witch trial” is a story after winning the battle. Confine and train the witch. There are various bad states at the time of training, and let’s make full use of these to advance the training in an advantageous way. “Witch of the Hell” is a game mode where you just observe how the trained witch keeps going. As a result of training in the “witch trial”, the reaction will change depending on the bad status.



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