(UNITY) Princess Defender~The Story of the Spirit Princess Eltrise~ [v1.01] [NineBirdHouse] (ENG)

Flourier, an elf country surrounded by nature.
Under the rule of the princess knight Eltrise, the elves were living peaceful days.

However, the sudden appearance of the Orcish army puts Florier in an unprecedented crisis.
Devil’s hands attacking one after another
— Can Eltrise really protect the country?

■ Character introduction
・ Princess Knight Eltrise (CV. Kotone Akatsuki)
The main character of this work. A kind-hearted elf princess who puts the people first.
Former princess knight and sister Elt Anna disappeared and took over the title of princess knight.
My dream is to cut off all contact with the outside world and change the flowrie, whose civilization has stopped for a long time.

・ Warrior Klein
An elf who has risen to the position of a warrior by making full use of connections and bribes.
Although he has the qualities of a military teacher, he has difficulty in his personality and behavior, and is not well regarded by the people.

suddenly Oak troops wearing the fangs to Furourie in.
It must be a race that was faithful to their own desires and each was rampaging at will.

■ Game system
・ New sensation! Action x line defense game !!
Let’s move El Trise by yourself and summon soldiers and spirits to destroy the enemy army!

・ Three training elements!
[Eltrise], [Soldier] in this work ], [Spirit] There are three nurturing elements.
It is up to you to decide the training policy! Choose the training that suits your play style and lead your army to victory!

・ Equipped with a nasty degree system in the action game! If the
chastity princess knight continues to be violated, you will be captivated by pleasure Eventually …

■ Features of this work
・ The entire H scene is animated by Live2D!
The biggest uri of this work! The slimy moving H animation is a must-see !!

・ Many H motions are recorded even during the battle !! If
you continue to be attacked by the enemy, the enemy I will be caught and fucked.

-The main character, Eltrise, has a full voice! The
scenario part, battle part, and H scene part all have voices!

Developer: NineBirdHouse - Game
Censored: Yes (Mosaic)
Version: 1.01
Language: English (MTL)
Voice: Japanese


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