[Unity] [Completed] Molester Spirit [v1.01] [Purple-Pink] (ENG) (MTL)

I wonder if I fell asleep…"
On the train ride home, Suzuhara woke up.
The shaking of the train and the comfortable warmth of the seat seemed to stimulate her sleepy eyes, tired from her club activities.

In a daze, she listened to what was going on in the train.
She feels that the car is much quieter than when she first started riding, and feels lightly impatient.
(Maybe… I missed the train…).
If so, it would be troublesome.
She lifted her eyes from the floor and tried to check the display for the next stop.

Instantly, her hazy consciousness was awakened.
Her gaze, which was a mixture of astonishment and horror, was met by an invisible figure in the shape of a man

Thread Updated : 2022-02-24
Release Date : 2022-01-28
Developer : Purple-Pink DLsite
Censored : Yes
Version : 1.01
OS : Windows
Language : English (MTL)


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