[Unity] [Completed] Adorable Witch 3 [Final] [Lovely Games] (ENG)

Adorable Witch 3 is a level puzzle game. Players need to control various mechanics in,
the level to help the witches and elves of the Magic Academy get flowers to pass the trainee witch test.
The player must destroy the stone tablets in the scene to direct the pure water to the seeds,
ensuring that the seeds grow, so that the witches can get the flowers. Also, make sure the water is not contaminated by evil spirits.
In the game, you will experience:
Fun and creative gameplay
Help witches pass the test
Soft Q version elves and witches will be with you through the level
Fresh and lovely game painting style
Elegant CG
There are more beautiful achievements and background display graphs waiting for you.​

Thread Updated : 2022-05-07
Release Date : 2022-05-07
Developer : Lovely Games Steam
Censored : No
Version : Final
OS : Windows
Language : English

2dcg, animated, puzzle, vaginal sex, creampie, lesbian, tentacles


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