(SLG) RJ305682 | Goblin Trap-Cave leading to hell (JAP)

[Cruel realism in the fantasy world] To

practice, to help friends, to help family …
A common motive in shōnen manga, girls learning magic head to the goblin’s cave.

But they didn’t go to the cave.

Knights do not come to this world like shounen manga.
There is no way that the hidden power can be exerted immediately.
However, there is a cruel world that cannot be helped by each person’s thoughts and wishes even though it is a fantasy.

so. This world is no different from the real world except for the world view of fantasy.
So, of course, if you are caught by a goblin, you will not be saved by anyone, and you will be insulted so much that you will not even live. Why don’t you see the girls who have

such a
pitiful delusion that “I can do something about myself” or “I can do something about it” know the “reality”?