[SLG] [Live2D] [R18] Your Waifu Foxgirl Konko – Furfect Edition – [English Ver.]

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【Live2D】コン狐との日常+(ぷらす) ~ぱーふぇくと版 ~

Circle: Megami Soft
Release: Jul/27/2021
Product format: Simulation
Genre: Moe, Healing, Touch/Feel, Clothes Changing/Dress up, Anime, Nonhuman/Monster Girl, Internal Cumshot, Breast Sex
File size: 3.42 GB

This game depicts a peaceful, soothing world packed based around player communication.

The Foxgirl Konko is like a VTuber, making soft and subtle movements on your screen as she interacts with you in a variety of ways.

Thanks to smooth Live2D animation and realistic voice work, Konko seems real enough to reach out and touch, as you enjoy a sweet, never-ending honeymoon-like life together.

There’s nothing in here as dramatic as a typical visual novel.
All you do is enjoy your loving life with Konko.

There are 1,500,000 patterns for Konko’s model, 15,000 voice samples, 200 types of outfits and items, and 100 simple-to-get events. All of that comes together to create your daily life with Konko.

Once she’s your lover, your sweet life together will go on forever.
In a normal visual novel, getting together is the end goal, but here it’s just the beginning.

When you unlock the special commands just for lovers, you can communicate even more deeply.
Things like kissing and hugging that you might do as a couple are included, plus a variety of sillier actions like tickling.

Have a fun date on the weekends, or enjoy mixed bathing at a hot spring.
What kind of relationship will you have? It’s all up to you.

With close to 200 different outfits, every day with Konko can be different!

It’s not just clothes, either — you can customize Konko’s hair and accessories, too.
Create the perfect Konko just for you!

There’s a “Pet Mode” as a bonus.
Konko will love you as a pet loves her master.
Let her different but adorable mannerisms soothe you.

We plan to add outfit updates from time to time.
With this many outfits and ways to communicate,
you’ll always be in search of a new kind of “kawaii”!

Konko promises she’ll marry you one day…
Enjoy your premarital honeymoon!