[SLG] HERO'S PARTY R ver.1.00 (JAP)

Genre: Male Protagonist, Fantasy, Pure Love, Bukkake, Internal Cumshot, Violation, Blowjob/Fellatio Rape
File size: 336.1 MB

Overview: (Google Translated)
SRPG that gathers 30 friends and fights

“I’m going to have a party, so I want you to gather 30 friends and come to Demon Castle.”
One day, the king suddenly received a letter from the Demon King, who is a relative of humankind.
Feeling an obvious trap, the King sees this as an opportunity and plans to conquer the Demon Castle.
The arrow of white feathers stood by the new commander Lucef.
While gathering 30 unique friends, we will fulfill the request from the king to capture the Demon Castle.
It is a work that renewed the graphic of “HERO’S PARTY” released as free software in the past and added elements for adults!
An event will occur in the bedroom when you get along with the friends you have collected.