(SLG) Ass-in-the-Wall Knightess Louize ~Corrupted Cumdump Cavalier~ [Final] [Vitamin CCC] (ENG MTL)

Louize the royal knightess was a powerful warrior that even the strongest of men couldn’t touch.
However, during a battle with an evil magician, just as she defeats him, the mage uses teleportation magic
to jam her into a wall, rendering her immobile.
And now, the men she’s turned aside for all these years have appeared to get their rapey revenge…​

RJ311196_img_smp4.jpg RJ311196_img_smp2.jpg 4c60609fb1251b14b0e5f970faae6e9c.jpg 235583eceb824f3f99ae2ef91db7186d.jpg 950827c7e57e4852f64b1340860dec82.jpg 248178fe7914f9e5cc9ee4791f04926d.jpg 356248e7db62b4d7603ba2eb3d695b7f.jpg 32c5f224976b4a26a202c4671bdcae21.jpg
RJ311196_img_main.jpg RJ311196_img_smp1.jpg RJ311196_img_smp3.jpg

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lol, funny title

lol ikr, japanese titles are funny but it is a fun game.