Site change

I’m thinking about switching this website to a wordpress site. it would be easier to maintain and manage and if anything goes wrong i can probably fix it. I also wrote a script that would make releases much less a tedious chore.

your thoughts?

I think that if it makes things easier then go for it

aye bro we can give it a try as long as i can continue to post games, go for it

we will support.

any ideas on what to add to the posts while in the process of switching over to wordpress?

maybe a tag that says if it is censored or not?

yeah, i really should be doing that

yeah we do need tags, makes it so much easier to find the Genre you want, weather its sleep sex or male protag or female protag, beast, etc

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Can you make it in reverse too so you can have X but not Y? E.g. no 3D etc

How about episode / movie information such as, number of episodes, episode/ movie length, language, subtitles?