[RPGM] [Completed] Observer, being raped [Final] [K & G Doujin] (ENG)

This takes place before the story in the original “Yose Joker”…
(In this work, only Haruka Fuji, the main character, appears (with some exceptions) from the original work.)

Haruka Fuji (20), an operative for a certain organization, had failed in her mission and was fleeing for her life from her pursuers, but…
The next thing you know, you find yourself locked up in a strange cell, completely naked!
Haruka is perplexed, but tries to escape…
However, the facility is roamed by never-before-seen sexual creatures!

If you get caught, you don’t know what they will do to you!
Haruka realizes this and fights back with a knife left in her cell!
The escape drama with her own virginity on the line is about to begin!​

Thread Updated : 2022-03-05
Release Date : 2022-02-26
Developer : K & G Doujin - DLsite
Censored : Yes
Version : Final
OS : Windows
Language : English(MTL)
Translator: lusciousboy01


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