[RPG] The Sword Of Succubus [English-Uncen]

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Circle: Libra Heart
Release: 30 Oct, 2020
Work Format: RPG
Genre: Dot/Pixel, Anime, Nonhuman/Monster Girl, Breast Milk, R*pe, Big Breasts
File Size: 42.2 MB

Thank to Rean_Schwarzer for sharing the file
Full save included

A Retro-style Action RPG

A succubus with the holy swords in her hands sets out on an adventure!

Contains 41 Ecchi Animations in total!
28 CG!

Let’s go all around the world in search of ecchi events!

[Milk System]
It is possible to let people drink her breast milk to help them!

Breast massage makes her lactate more and more!

[Prostitution System]
She can perform some erotic jobs at a bar!
The more times she has gone through, the more money she will get!

[Enchanting Spell]
She is, as a succubus, able to captivate monsters and suck their lifeforce!
Get HP and MP from enemies!

[How To Unlock Gallery]
Press the H key 20 times on the gallery screen!