(RPG) RJ368700 | I love chasing a woman's ass (JAP)

Take off chasing and conceive! 22 heroines in total! Dirty little tag RPG


“I love chasing a woman’s ass.”
The main character is a rich lewd oak.
He hires bandits, gathers night-night women,
chases the woman’s ass for three minutes, tears her clothes, and is addicted to the play of committing.

★ Dirty Little Tag RPG
Let’s chase a girl, win a battle, and conceive it! There are semi-automatic battles
such as shops, casinos, and undressing animations, and
battle speedup, so
you can feel free to play.

―――― Game specifications ――――

★ Genre Adult fantasy action RPG (stage capture type 2D looking down)
★ Number of CGs 23 full-screen H event CGs 23
H standing pictures
21 types of H cut-in animation
★ Operating environment Windows / Gamepad compatible
★ Screen size 1280 × 720
★ Number of stages 5 stages in total
★ Recollection mode available / You can enjoy as much as you like in the dungeon
★ Text display skip / Window erase installed
★ Voice Each heroine pant voice Yes

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I Love Chasing a Women’s Ass