(RPG) RJ303239 | Election campaign for Itsuki Kamidai (JAP)

Story A
small town. JK, Itsuki Kamidai, who lives in Makurocho.
Living alone with her parents, she lived
a busy but peaceful life while helping her grandfather, the mayor of the town.

But one day. A big incident occurs that shakes the fate of Itsuki and Makotocho.
The mayor was “arrested” by the police on suspicion of embezzlement.
In a noisy town, Itsuki, who trusted his grandfather, was deeply skeptical of the sudden event.

… At the same time, a man with a secret smile.
The man’s name is “Genji Gotoda”. He, the deputy mayor of the town, was the mastermind behind the incident.
He accused Itsuki’s grandfather, who was in the way, of innocence in order to become the mayor.

A few weeks after the incident. Elections will be held in Makoto to decide on a new mayor.
However, only Gotoda ran for the position.
Everything is as planned. It seemed that he would take over as the mayor without a vote … at that time.

A girl announces her candidacy.
It was the grandson of the mayor who was arrested-Itsuki Kamidai.