(RPG) RJ295622 | Dirty Princess Soden (JAP)

A child-making pilgrimage to the first part of an adventure that spans two generations, a parent and a child . Appeared in the second part of Parent-
Child Adventure !! Children’s abilities and occupations change as a result of parent-generation child-rearing. A bitch girl who looks like her mother goes on a lascivious trip with her mother !!

:diamonds: Etch scenes ・ Situations
There are 15 basic scenes. There are some other small mini-scenes !!
Reverse rape, evil fall, futanari, pleasure fall and so on.
Note) Basically, there are no girls who don’t like sex in this game.

:diamonds: Other introductions The
battle is side view. An inspiration system that inspires new techniques from specific weapons and techniques. Furthermore, there is no level
, and the ability value increases with the actions taken during the battle.

Erotic dot abnormally erotic. A hack and slash element with a treasure chest that drops when you defeat an enemy.
Erotic mode that can be selected according to the difficulty level that can be selected. Town where the number of residents increases due to erotic events (recollection room)


Dirty Princess