(RPG) RJ249320 | Karate Stupid Sister Ver1.01 (JAP)

Fight onechans in this one-shota erotic animation battle 3D dungeon RPG!

  • Story
    Takeru is the heir of a karate dojo but doesn’t like karate,
    and especially doesn’t like having to practice karate with onechans.
    To remedy this, Tsubaki and Sakura think of H rewards to get him to comply!?
    However the training consisted of fighting monsters in an underground maze!

  • About the game
    Dr*gon Quest style command selection type battle.
    Explore the 3D dungeon to train.
    The battles with onechans are animated.
    By using an Ero-attack, you can do H things mid-battle.
    If you win against an onechan you get to see an H CG.
    Includes a gallery mode to view CG and animation!
    You can save at any point in the game.