[RPG] Motherhood Awakening!? Hypnotic ETD! [English]

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Developer: hanamigasaku
Release: 2020-10-31
Translator: mayaktheunholy
Game Format: RPG
Genre: Female protagonist, Childbirth, Masturbation, Hypnosis, Tentacle, Interspecies Sex
File Size: 287 MB

A dungeon has appeared in the middle of the Holy Kingdom of Cthulhis’ capital city.

Scouting party member Amit has seen many dungeons in her time, but this one is different.
A trap at the entrance separates her from her companions almost instantly.
Now she’s stuck inside a dungeon that’s obstructing her reasoning and accosted by slimes, tentacles, and more!

And when the level of hypnotic suggestion gets too high, she begins to awaken to her own maternal instinct…