[RPG] Last Embryo – The Beginning Story ver.1.20 [English]

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ラストエンブリオ -はじまりの物語-

Developer: Whale
Release: 2019-9-28
Work Format: RPG
Genre: Nudity, Creampie, Female protagonist, Lesbian, Monster, rape, Turn based combat, Vaginal sex
File Size: 1.11 GB
**Sequel: Ark of Artemis

Kaitakujima Aletia, which exists in the Imperial Territory.
The story begins with the young girl “Syl”, a longing adventurer, visiting the island.
Green plains, vast oceans and volcanoes.
And a huge number of archaeological sites that sleep from ancient times….
Living as an adventurer, Shill sometimes fights, sometimes suffers sexual harassment, and spends peaceful days deepening exchanges with the heroines she has become friends with.
However, an unrestful atmosphere began to drift in such peace…

“The beginning of the story is always cruel”

What kind of story does Sill follow?
The path of the girl’s journey will be told as a myth over time…​

Three-headed original dot & side view battle!
Each weapon has its own skill, and you can activate the Special Sword by accumulating TP!
It is also possible to defeat the boss at a low level by using [Defense], which completely disables physical attacks.
*The difficulty level as an RPG is low.

Ecchi events focus on defeat and heterosexuality.
Recollections are available from the guild or inn after the introduction, so it’s easy to collect scenes.
*Some events can only be seen in the recollection room after clearing.