[RPG] Key of Egg ver.1.092 [English]


Circle: Hasoyua
Release: Mar/07/2020
Translator: MediocreTranslation
Work Format: RPG
Genre: Apron, Prostitution/Paid Dating, Pregnancy/Impregnation, Violation, Gangbang, Tentacle, Interspecies Sex, Big Breasts, Sleep Sex
File Size: 762.78 MB

Translator notes:
I added a small FAQ, it explains how to get the cheat weapon in you don’t want to deal with the grind.

Unlocked gallery
I added an extra folder, “-optional- full gallery” just move that save file to the “save” folder.

In a hidden away village, there lived a family with a power that cannot be shown to the world.

They lived while protecting and passing down the family heirloom, the “Key of Egg”.
However, some decades ago, it was stolen away, and they now live lives devoid of meaning.

The protagonist Selafina is treated as a princess in this village.
But one day, a letter arrives addressed to Selafina from Anju,
a girl that disagreed with the family hiding away in a village, and escaped.
“I found the Key of Egg. Let’s have a competition, and see which one of us can return with it in hand.
If I win, I shall become the true princess of the village.
If they do not accept me as such, the Key of Egg shall not be returned.”

Upon reading this, the village elders, unable to let a chance to recover the Key of Egg slip away,
send Selafina to Anju as requested.

It seems the Key of Egg is to be sold at a large auction house in the trading city of Mirado.
In this big city, what will happen to Selafina…?

About the game
– The game has been designed to be playable with only one hand.
The game is compatible with mouse, keyboard, and gamepad.

– You can freely set the protagonist’s sexual experience and sexual feelings, difficulty level, etc.
– Message skip / quick battle settings are included as well.

– H-scenes can be unlocked in the gallery without finding them first (using a certain method.)
– H-scenes change depending on the protagonist’s status (virgin, impregnated, sensitive spots, etc.)

– Skills can be acquired using skill points received from level-up, and H-scenes.
– As you build up your sexual experience, you acquire special skills, but may become weak to sexual attacks.

30+ base CG, 800-1000 total planned including variations.
Special pose art is used for H attacks, and certain H events.