RJ349517 | Demons Roots (Ver1.06) (JAP)

World domination RPG of losers

The demons are sealed in the dark world … 1000 years.
When we are on the verge of extinction and challenge the final battle to the human world … there.
It was a tragic land full of slaves.

◆◆◆◆ Original Battle BGM ◆◆◆◆
“Sengoku Rance” “Mamatoto” has worked on many famous songs!
Equipped with “original” battle sound by Mr. Shade!
Small fish battle, boss battle, and last battle … Demons Roots only The excitement is here!

It all started with the fun of dyeing the map in your own color by conquering the world.
The story of giant killing where demons and slaves challenge those in power.
A series of happenings that do not end with scheduled harmony.
A battle that makes full use of unique skills and equipment.
In the battle, the BGM of Shade, a big fan from long ago, echoes.

Erotic prepares various genres and delves into the charm of the character.
In BADEND mode, a completely unforgiving insult is unfolded.
However, I was particular about the content and composition that did not spoil the main story.