RJ339338 – Tickling Escape! 3 (JAP)

ID: RJ339338
Title: Tickling Escape! 3


SALE DATE August 20, 2021
SERIES NAME Escape series
WORK FORM With action music
FILE FORMAT application
GENRE Female protagonist Tsukuru tickling tentacles


Tickling only simple mini action game!

A simple action game where you just go through the dungeon while avoiding wandering monsters.
The game is over as
soon as you come in contact with a monster! Tickling blame begins.

This is a death-remembering action game where you make mistakes and remember.
Overcome the monsters and run through the 12-room dungeon!

・ Number of stages: 12
・ Number of tickling events: 4

★ Easy, normal, hard and difficulty levels can be selected at the start of the game.
★ You can only save at the break points that exist every 3 stages.
★ If you clear it, you can recollect the event and change the difficulty level.
(There is also a remedy to go to the event recollection room from the beginning)

■ Synopsis
Noel, an adventurer who helped a villager who was kidnapped by a demon girl in “Tickling Escape!”
When I was exploring the ruins with a new request, I was pushed into the ruins by the trap of a demon girl who had a grudge against her.

“Now, this time I’ll have a painful look in my dungeon!”

Noel has decided to challenge the dungeon created by the demon girl again.
Is it possible to escape the dungeon safely and defeat the demon girl?

Tickling Escape! 3