RJ339135 | Harvest MOO VIRUS #02 - Moo Hazard

Women in Bao Hazard become infected with the MC virus and become dairy cows.

Metamorphosis CG collection +
Storyba ○ Ohazard women become infected with MC virus and become dairy cows.

In addition, they will be chased by men who want milk and try to get pregnant.

Dr. Hypnopig in Volume 1 succeeded in creating a virus with the power of Wonder Bull. When I spread the virus to Raccoon City, it quickly infects everyone.

Infected cows:

  1. Ji * Valentine
  2. Ku * a Redfield
  3. E * da Won
  4. A
  • Julie Graham 5. Annette & Si * Lee Birkin + Pregnancy version

49 pages, high Image quality JPEG

Hentai CG Collection + Story of Re ○ ident Evil females got infected with MC Virus and become lactating cows.

To make it worse, they also chased by the males who want to milk and impregnate them.
Dr Hypno Pig from Volume 1 successfully made a virus from Wonder Bull power. Then he spread those viruses to Raccoon City and the virus quickly infect everyone there.

Infected Cows:

  1. Ji○l Valentine
  2. C○aire Redfield
  3. ○da Wong
  4. A○hley Graham
  5. Annette & Sh○rry Birkin + Pregnant Version

Total : 49 pages, saved in highest quality JPEG

Harvest MOO Virus