Posting Update

Because of my New Internet - Anidex will be down for me for awhile so no anidex torrents for awhile

i usually Post games after every 10 days sometimes 20 days reason need to let the torrents that either i make or i share from others seed so that way everyone can enjoy the content.

Plus i work now so yeah, but i do hope you are all enjoy the games.

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Posted 5 today, gonna be busy so i will be posting more content later or tomorrow so Enjoy!!

Anidex is back but the only way i can reach it is with Opera Browser VPN so yea idgaf, as long as i can reach it lol

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!

Got stuff to work on and a game im working on for Renpy, so i will be posting more soon, Enjoy the Anime and The Games. Cheers!!


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I was checking my Monotool Games list, yeah i already posted a game so its deleted and locked, Deathmarine will take care of it.

As for other games, Got a lot more Full version games coming, right now busy working on other stuff but yeah, see ya later :smiley:

Enjoy the 44 games just posted, i got more coming so yeah Cheers!!

Also Nopy is down right now so im sorry links no longer work.

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some great artwork on some of those games. nice!

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Saturday and Sunday is Wrestlemania so i posted 10 games, i will return back to posting on monday. Enjoy the Games.

not feeling good today, so i will post on tuesday, Cheers!

Will Post Another 5 tomorrow, Enjoy!! :grinning:

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