Nosewasure The Animation: Onna Kyoushi Chuuzenji Ayano no Inutsu na Kore kara (ep. 1-2 of 2)(UNCENSORED) (ENG SUB)

Year: 2015, uncen - 2017
Languale: jpn
Subtitles: yes eng softsub
Censorship: UNCEN
Size: MiB, duration: 18*2 min
Big tits, Oral sex Titsjob, School, Yuri, Students, Teachers


The main character - Ayano Chuzenji, the third year of teaching at the school “St. Johns” and now six months is sexually active with Yui, one of his students. Ayano - lesbian. Until Yui in Ayano already had two failed love stories, and the first time she decided on a relationship with a girl much younger than age itself. Their relationship the couple keeps secret from everyone. But measured life lovers broken stick, which Ayano finds in the trash school club. On a flash drive were photos of a woman with a member who has sex with different partners. The fact that this woman was one of the “former” Ayano, and such “decorations” between her legs at the time was not. In addition, where these photos came from was in her school? It is time to stir up the past…
Met with former passion in the bar, Ayano surprised to certify that cock between her legs completely natural. A reasonable question arises: “What the hell, and how?” Operation? No. The fact that the school is learning Ayano guy named Koki Morikaku, who heads the club of black magic. And this magic - his handiwork. Without thinking, the teacher asks for help to the strange pupil, for a man’s penis between his legs for a long time it was a pipe dream. Magic ritual flew like a flash, and Ayano wanted to know: “What actually is turned on?” It turns out that Koki “forgot” to warn women that a member on the site of her clitoris will grow only if several times to irrigate his male seed. And not any seed, and the sperm directly from the body of the dastardly Koki.
Teacher stands in front of a heavy dilemma. To continue the relationship with his mistress, as if nothing had happened, or indulge in abominable act with a man in order to come to know the infinite possibilities of the new features in bed with your favorite…