Monotool Game Collection (2020) (All Games) + ENG MTL RPG Games

All Monotool Games are in This Collection

All Sleep Sex/Touching games are back in with Full Save

3 are English (MTL) RPG - Mono quest, Minamo’s Island and Neko Bathhouse

Newly Added to List
[One-tseru] Yokoshima Salon (JAP) (RPG)

Also if you play this game -

RJ180746 - Neterukos Ijiri - The Green Bottom Button is Load - So Load my Save File if you want to enjoy all the girls and the Blue Top Button is save game, so dont f*ck up my save or The Grim Hentai is gonna get ya lol jk. Cheat - hold left and right arrow for a few seconds to unlock all girls yourself and unlock to level 999 - Never wake up mode.

Tip - Neko Neko Ijiri - Does not save game - cheat code is ctrl + shift + up

Tip #2 - RJ134179 - Neteruko Ijiri - Press L on your keyboard to Load Game & S - To Save Game

Tip #3 - RJ141775 - Neteruko Ijiri - Megitsune - Same As Above - Press L to Load one of my saves - Darkness 1,2 & 3 are positions just load one and enjoy.

Tip#4 - Nibble and Poke - you can use images from online and insert it into game, its easy, if you need help just ask me.

Tip#5 - RJ163594 - Nenneko Ijiri - Left Top Button is Save Game and Right Button is Load Game, Do not mess up or you will overwrite my save (All Girls Unlocked)

Tip#6 - RJ157103 - Nekobato 2 - When game starts let her kill you, Then - (NOW LISTEN CAREFULLY Press Bottom Button to Load my Save, Do not click Top button or it will save.

Tip #7 - RJ152072 - Nekobato - Left Bottom Button is Save and Right Bottom Button is Load - Load my Save for Full Stats and Just Go Ham on Her until you catch her, Also to Touch her Press H on your keyboard and Enjoy.

How to play - left mouse button to shoot, middle mouse button to spawn slimes, right mouse button for shield & space bar to teleport.

Enjoy The Collection

Backup Link For Torrent -

if Torrent Dies i will Gladly Reupload it, Just Ask in Comments

Please Seed After Download Thank you.