Hi Everyone! Hello and Welcome!

awesome man

i got like alot of content but it saids im limited to 3 post a day so i guess i shall post more tomorrow. its good to see you again bro.

good to see you too.

limit to 3? is that the forum doing that? I can change that. I’m still getting used to this software and all its eccentricities

ah ok thanks and yeah its the forum.

Ok, I think i changed the limit :stuck_out_tongue:

Yea its working, i can post again, thanks bro.

again it said you have reached this forum limit, please post again in 23 hours. haha what a forum.

wow, alright, im pretty sure you won’t pass the new limit

lol yeah its cool, atleast i get to post like 20 items so yea its fine, i shall return in 23 hours Haha.

i caught the full message this is what it saids - You’ve reached the maximum number of new topics. Please wait 22 hours before trying again.

just so you know :smiley:

still? hmm, i’ll double check the settings

ok :smiley:

try refreshing. it shouldn’t be stopping you at this point

ok ima refresh page

i guess since im new it wont let me post so i will try again another day, i guess i need to wait atleast 1 day then it should not stop me from posting.

ima try 1 more time, by signing out and sign back in and if dont work then dont stress lol i can wait :smiley:

sorry about that. i change the settings so it wouldn’t stop you i’m not sure why it’s stopping you now

yea dont stress it bro, i will come back later on and try again after the punishment of 22 hours lol

goodnight bro.

Posting Limit is 20 on your Forum settings, i was counting as i was posting content.

also i saw some of the anime you posted, very nice bro.