Ghost Town Gunsweeper (ENG)

Platform : PC/Windows all/Mac/Linux
Genre :RPG, Adventures, Monsters, Fighting, Horror, Oral sex, Fantasy, Big boobs, Lesbian, Humilation, Anal, Bukkake, BDSM, Doggystyle, Orgy, Gangbang, Ghosts, Mystery, Bukkake, X-ray, Sailor-style Uniform, Vaginal sex
Developer/Publisher : T-ENTA-P
Publication Type : Original (licensed)
Censorship : None / a patch to remove
Language :English
Subtitles :no
Interface :English
File size : 212mb

Description :
Ghost Town Gunsweeper is a Supernatural Erotic RPG.
You and your team of sexy ghostbusters have been sent to investigate the abandoned ruins of a haunted ghost town.
Your team’s ghost fighting abilities are powered by their sexual arousal. So keep your team aroused and ready to beat those ghosts into submission, or maybe your team will be the one’s submitting.