[CRYSTALiA] RE:D Cherish! 初回版 + Bonus + Update (JAP)

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In 206X, the resort island “Eruteria” floating on the Adrisina Sea.
Yukimitsu Kusaka, the main character, has come to a paradise on earth that advocates “freedom for all.”
His work, his hometown, his beliefs, everything up to that point was robbed …

There, Yukimitsu meets a white-haired girl, Unika.
A place of memories that lost her father and cherished-the diner restaurant fell into the hands of others and was robbed of everything.
Unika had a dream, “I want to revive the diner.”

Yukimitsu reaches out to her.
I’ll help you.
So give me a dream.

This is Eluteria.
A city of freedom that has gone too far, a city of dreams with everything.

The food is perfect and the kitchen is perfect.
The spare magazine is also sufficient, and the safety device is released.

"Everyone, are you ready? Daft Dream Diner, the store is open …!

" May it be the food that will make tomorrow.