(CG) RJ317203 | That girl who said that she was looking at a cheer girl with naughty eyes (JAP)

Speaking of summer student baseball, cheer girls.
Among them, Aoi Hojo, a female student whose healthy body is particularly cute and well-developed, is a childhood friend who lives in the neighborhood.

“Men are sci-fi. I’m gonna look at Chia with my eyes.”

She’s a serious girl who always gets angry when she says that, but I thought she would be a lover this year.
There is no reason to know the worst tradition rooted in a certain strong

school- “Because it is our tradition that the cheer club and regulars go out with each other” At the

summer rally, the ace of the baseball club forced me to have a physical relationship Aoi who has gone.
After that, I was forced to process the sexual desire of the members and entertain the teacher’s partner and the director …!? The

reality of the cheerleader who has a reputation for being cute on TV.

  • This work has a cuckold element. Please be careful if you are not good at it.
  • This work is fiction and has nothing to do with real people, groups, incidents, etc.

● 13 basic CGs + 5P manga
● 238 main stories including differences
● Included with no characters


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