(ACT) Succubus Heaven (KWT/Chaos Gate) [cen] [2022] [jap/eng] RJ284978

Action, 3D, RPG, Female Heroine, Rape, Monsters, Creampie, Parody, Dark Souls, Unity, combat, adventure, fantasy, voiced, multiple protagonist, bdsm, vaginal sex, monster girl, big ass, censored, big tits, lesbian, groping, animated, group sex

It was a time when lewd demons began to emerge from among people.
The battle between the lewd demons and the demons’,
demons has become increasingly fierce since a noxious gas eruption occurred in the center of the continent.
The “sanctuary,” a relic from before the disaster, maintained a precarious balance,
but it was clear to all that the peace was fleeting.

In the midst of this, an anomaly in the sanctuary was confirmed at a ruin on the continent’s frontier.
Three people were assigned to deal with the situation: the witch Eleonora, her follower Sera,
and another witch Dorothy.
There was no time to wait for further support.
The three of them had to go into the dungeon where the miasma was,
spreading to get the stopped sanctuary back in operation as soon as possible.​

Developer: Chaos Gate - Ci-En - DLsite
Censored: Yes
Version: 6.1
OS: Windows
Language: English, Japanese
Voiced: Japanese

Game Overview
This is a rogue-light 3D action game that challenges players to dungeons where miasma and curses are prevalent.
The three-player party progresses through the dungeon one room at a time, with no turning back.
The player must make do with the resources at hand to reach the bottom of the dungeon.

Game Features
Three-person party for dungeon attack
Perma-death due to character loss & annihilation
There is an element of reinforcement through game lapses.

Features of H Element
Real-time restraint and humiliation during battle
Almost all enemies have a restraining H attack.
Weakness due to increased sensitivity/pollution/sensitivity

More than 13 enemy types with restraint H-attacks
7 types of game overs
2 to 3 hours of play time per round of game
Estimated time if the game is completed.



SuccubusHeaven 19_10_2021 20_15_24.png SuccubusHeaven 19_10_2021 21_00_44.png 202107-ネリーエンチャント溜め攻撃.gif SuccubusHeaven 19_10_2021 20_15_08.png image-800.jpg SuccubusHeaven 19_10_2021 20_14_54.png SuccubusHeaven 19_10_2021 21_08_40.png SuccubusHeaven 19_10_2021 20_34_30.png SuccubusHeaven 19_10_2021 21_02_14.png SuccubusHeaven 19_10_2021 20_31_11.png SuccubusHeaven 19_10_2021 20_18_52.png SuccubusHeaven 19_10_2021 20_18_28.png SuccubusHeaven 19_10_2021 20_17_31.png SuccubusHeaven 19_10_2021 20_54_34.png SuccubusHeaven 19_10_2021 20_40_07.png image-800 (1).jpg SuccubusHeaven 19_10_2021 21_08_12.png SuccubusHeaven 19_10_2021 21_06_18.png