[act] strip fighter5 chimpocon edition (jap)

Genre: Loli, Shota, Violation, Fiendish/Brutal, Rape, Big Breasts, Gut Punch, Ryona/Brutal
File Size: 626.9 MB

The Latest and Greatest!
Presenting the latest release in the “STRIP FIGHTER” parody fighting series !!

Featuring 7 new characters
– Cyber-kunoichi Ayame
– Gal delinquent Nodoka
– Half-dragon Mint
– Kemono Fr*ends Loris
– Psychopath Lemon
– Earth Defence Soldier Tsubasa
– Loli-violater Denma

Bringing the roster up to 22 in total!

  • Where knockouts come after knockers-out!
    Tear off the opponent’s defenses (clothes!) with the “Porori Crush System”
    (This is no “piyori” victory by fainting! It’s a full blown porn brawl!)

  • Decisive strikes! Strip combos!
    Fighters go full frontal when you deliver a last-round strip combo K.O.

  • Every character has aggressive assault-tactics!
    Guy on girl. Girl on guy. Girl on girl! Girl on futanari! All combinations are here.
    Moves run the rainbow of vanilla banging to backdoor sodomy, facedrilling, tit rodeos,
    footies, glans attack, leztastic tribadism, and the ultimate hentai classic: tentacles!

  • Brutally hardcore (ryona) K.O. scenes
    Defeat the dark martial arts master “S” & “Denma” and witness the hardcore reward.

  • H demo scenes with voice acting
    Use the demo scene viewer anytime

  • Walkthrough wiki

  • Online VS information
    ネット対戦導入方法 StudioSブログ