[ACT] Sex Beast Night and Elven Knight [English-Machine Translated]

Genre: Female Protagonist, Fantasy, Vore, Internal Cumshot, Interspecies Sex, Elf/Fairy, Big Breasts
File Size: 88.6MB

Gallery Unlocker included

Overview (Google Translated):
Once every ten years, a flock of demons that have reached the breeding season overflows from the dungeon.
To save a small village abandoned on the frontier,
Elf Knight Seryl is the only one
I challenged a dungeon full of monsters.

-The elf knight will be attacked by monsters
It is a tower defense and action game.

● Easy operation with just a mouse.
Hold down the left mouse button and move in the direction of the cursor & attack with a sword.
If you touch the enemy with the button released, you will be fucked.

-There are 10 kinds of erotic scenes in dot erotic animation.
Elf knight is a heterosexual humiliation thing that is fucked by demons,
Voices are attached to all scenes.
・ Crawling back bestiality by a wolf
・ Oak seeding press
・ Play with whole cannibalism
・ Tentacle fuck by roper
In addition, standard Goblin etc.