(3D Works) Riesch Stories (JAP)

■Story ■
Once defeated the demon King, girl Leash became famous as a hero.
People praised her as “hero-like”, and had enjoyed the world that became peaceful.

Leash himself had already finished his journey and was enjoying his second life at ease.
Let’s slowly search for what we want to do.
While thinking about such a thing, i lived alone……

It is not so easy to go, and even if you wait, a pinch will come to the world!?

■centerpiece system ■

  • Many event movies
    ・Smartphone system (Many apps such as chat, bulletin board, treasure news)
  • Quests in the guild(Subquests of H series)
  • Job Change system Costume change
  • Boss battle in battle is special attack(movie)
  • There is a defeat H event
  • Full title system
  • There is help in the work(you can see it almost anytime)

■ Contents■

  • Movie(movie)70 books or more(200 books or more if you include the difference)
  • Event CG cut more than 100 sheets ※ Due to the nature of this work, it is difficult to define basic CG and difference, so it is a rough number of the whole.m(_ _)m
  • H event content, half is insulting system, half is sexual harassment, wearing erotic, soft Ryona, it is a feeling such as gag system.
  • The clear time is 7-8 hours in leisurely play

Genre: Female Protagonist
3D Works
Virgin Female